Over the course of the next few months as we continue our #ReturnToPlay across England and Wales, we wanted to give you a flavour of what it is like being a member of the Dallaglio RugbyWorks squad.

All of our squad are fiercely committed to supporting the young people we work with and guiding them on the right path to success – whether that be in further education, employment or training opportunities.

For our latest TeamTalk, we handed over duties to Holly Hayne, our Events Officer whose role has been very different over the past few months. Here, she speaks about her role and the exciting things coming up in the RugbyWorks calendar.

My role at RugbyWorks covers our Events and making sure they’re a success! I run our inhouse events such as our biggest fundraiser Cycle Slam, 3rd Party events which are hosted by our lovely supporters and incredible Coporate partners, and challenge events, such as the London Marathon. It’s my job to ensure that our supporters have an amazing time at our events, whilst also (most impotantly) raising funds for the RugbyWorks interventions.

A highlight for me over the past few months is how we’ve adapted as a team. It’s been an incredibly challenging environment, but as a team we’ve been continually resilient and now, as we return to schools, I believe we’re returning in a stronger postion.

This year has been very challenging, as I’m sure many other organisations have experienced the same, particularly those within the events industry. We’ve had to respond and adapt our events to an ever changing environment and continue to do so. As we plan for the future I’m excited to work on some of our flagship events, but also introduce some new events into the RugbyWorks portfolio.

I believe every young person should have the access to a good education, an environment where they feel happy and secure. I hope our young people have access to positive opportunities and I believe the RugbyWorks interventions will help facilitate this.

I’m looking forward to getting our inperson events back up and running! With our Six Nations Lunch happening in June and Cycle Slam taking place in September, it will be great to welcome our supporters back to a RugbyWorks event. Additionally, with new RugbyWorks events on the horizon I’m excited to see the response.

For more information on our upcoming events, click here.