What We Deliver

We deliver a range of interventions designed to compliment the education setting which we work in and help shape a journey that our young people will go on to a positive and productive future.

We're all about collaborating with young people, schools, partners and funders to ensure we have the maximum impact on our young people and change their lives for the better.

If you're interested in bringing RugbyWorks into your region or school, please contact Phil Hannah, our National Programme Manager, by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

RugbyWorks Full

An academic year long intervention designed to let RugbyWorks mentors build long-term impactful relationships with young people which in turn allows us to explore each cornerstone of change in detail.  This intervention is suitable for stable cohorts that we know will be at their educational setting for the full academic year.  We can deliver this intervention as a preventative model in mainstream schools or with stable cohorts in PRU/AP and special schools.


RugbyWorks Lite

This intervention is designed to be delivered in an educational settings for a shorter more intensive period, usually over the course of a single academic term.  We have had huge amounts of success delivering this within PRU/AP when young people are on managed moves or have recently arrived at the setting so need that extra support.

RugbyWorks Youth Offender

This intervention is delivered across the three 3 different types of secure centres.  We follow the same theory of change using our four cornerstones of delivery although certain activities and outputs are amended due to the different restrictions these young people face.

RugbyWorks Holiday Engagement

RugbyWorks deliver holiday engagement interventions in local communities as part of our place-based focus offering wraparound support to the young people that need it the most when not in school.  We have seen great success so far working with partners on this approach and work closely with local authorities on government funded initiatives such as the Holiday & Food Programme and Opening School Facilities.

RugbyWorks Girls

Research shows that young girls are roughly half as active as young boys but that 74% want to be more active.  Over half of secondary girls say that girls are put off sport and physical activity because of their experiences of school sport and PE Womens Sport & Fitness Foundation – Changing the game for girl.  We want to change this narrative and understand that to do so we need to be proactive and deliver interventions that are solely focused on the needs and wants of girls.  We create a safe environment for them to firstly experience the game of Rugby and in turn take them on their own journey through our theory of change.